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Galvanized Duct Connector

  • Easy-to-install duct connector
  • Joins together two lengths of 4-in flexible duct
  • Allows for easy access to duct for cleaning purposes
  • Increases the overall length of the duct
  • Duct connector is made of rust-resistant galvanized steel
  • Connector is crimped at both ends for a snug, reliable connection
  • For use in general air distribution installations
  • *The kit includes 1 connector and 2 metal worm gear clamps
  • *The kit's metal clamps are adjustable for a secure fit

Galvanized Duct Connector
Galvanized Duct Connector
Galvanized Duct Connector
Galvanized Duct Connector

These Imperial Duct Connectors are used to join two lengths of flexible ducts together to increase the overall length. The duct connector is crimped at both ends to help ensure a snug and reliable connection when placed into the end of each piece of duct. Made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, the duct connector resists rust and is designed for lasting use.


With Clamps

Item No.Description
VT05404" Duct Connector Kit w/ 2 clamps

Without Clamps

Item No.Description
FX04574" Duct Connector Crimped
FX02256" Duct Connector Crimped

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