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R2 Heavy Duty Wall Exhaust / Intake Hood

  • 2-in-1 wall vent hood converts from exhaust to intake by removing damper
  • Innovative damper design prevents back-draft and heat loss
  • Designed for energy efficiency and maximum airflow
  • Ideal for bath fan and range hood venting
  • Optional pest control screen helps keep birds and rodents from entering the home
  • For dryer venting applications, do not install screen
  • Made of durable, painted galvanized steel to withstand the weather
  • Can be painted to match the exterior of your home
  • Easy to install
R2 Heavy Duty Wall Exhaust / Intake Hood
R2 Heavy Duty Wall Exhaust / Intake Hood
R2 Heavy Duty Wall Exhaust / Intake Hood

Designed for optimal performance, this Imperial 3-1/4-in x 10-in Premium Range Exhaust Hood is the ideal choice for exhausting kitchen range hoods that require through-the-wall installation. It features an energy-efficient, air-tight construction, and is designed for maximum airflow with an innovative damper that helps prevent back-draft and heat loss. Made of durable painted galvanized steel that is built to withstand tough conditions, the exhaust hood can also be painted to match the exterior of your home. Easy to install, this heavy-duty exhaust hood effectively vents air from your range hood to the outdoors for improved air quality and reduced energy costs.

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Item No.Description
VT0499-A3" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood WHITE
VT05163" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood WHITE
VT05174" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood WHITE
VT05025" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood WHITE
VT0502-A5" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood WHITE
VT05036" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood WHITE
VT0503-A6" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood WHITE
VT07288" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood WHITE
Item No.Description
VT06104" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood BROWN
VT07445" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood BROWN
VT06116" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood BROWN
Item No.Description
VT07534" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood BLACK
VT07455" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood BLACK
VT07306" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood BLACK
VT08478" R2 Exhaust/Intake Hood BLACK

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