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Air Duct Insulation Sleeve - Black

  • Designed as a ready to use, energy efficient insulation blanket specifically produced for circular air duct insulation.
  • Provide an excellent method to reduce heat loss and condensation build-up.
  • Many local building codes now dictate that any warm air ducting passing through an open or unheated space
    must be insulated.
  • Suitable for use with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
Air Duct Insulation Sleeve - Black
Air Duct Insulation Sleeve - Black

Technical Data

Construction Materials
Made of a thick glass fiber-insulating blanket, jacketed by a heavy-duty
black polyethylene vapor barrier. that offers a durable, scuff resistant vapor
barrier and improved protection against damaging ultra-violet light.


Vapor Barrier Permeance
0.10 perm (5.7 ng / s.m².Pa)

Available Diameters
4, 5, 6 inches

Standard Lengths
10 feet


Item No.Description
JV-0410-14" x 10' Insulation Sleeve - Black
JV-0510-15" x 10' Insulation Sleeve - Black
JV-0610-16" x 10' Insulation Sleeve - Black

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