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Dryer Vent Heat Saver

  • Saves energy by recirculating heat into the home
  • Kit includes 2 plastic clamps, 2 screws, 1 mounting bracket, and 1 lint filter
  • Converts clothes dryer into an extra source of heat
  • Directs exhaust air indoors during cold, dry winter months
  • Adjustable heat saver includes summer and winter settings so you can leave the accessory in place all year
  • Fits 4-in flexible ducting
  • Easy to install
  • For use with electric clothes dryers only
  • Do not use with gas clothes dryers
Dryer Vent Heat Saver
Dryer Vent Heat Saver
Dryer Vent Heat Saver
Dryer Vent Heat Saver

Make the most of your clothes dryer this winter with the Imperial 4-in Dryer Heat Saver Kit. Designed to help you save energy and more easily heat your home in the colder months, this accessory converts your clothes dryer into an extra source of heat. It works by directing warm, moist exhaust air from the dryer back indoors. The kit includes two plastic clamps, two screws, one mounting bracket, and one lint filter for easy installation. This heat saver fits 4-in flexible ducting and is made for use with electric clothes dryers only. Do not use with a gas dryer.

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VT0107-A4" Dryer Heat Saver with filter

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