Stove Board Wall Spacing Kit

  • Used to create air space between the heat shield and the wall or ceiling.
  • Allows a convection flow of air between the heat shield and the combustible surface.
  • Prevents the stove’s heat from reaching the surface behind it.
  • Used to safely reduce minimum wall and ceiling clearances between the heat shield and the wood stove.

This package contains:

  • 10 spacers
  • 10 64mm screws
  • 10 anchors

Stove Board Wall Spacing Kit
Stove Board Wall Spacing Kit


  1. Support your Stove Board 1 inch above floor. (Rest on wood blocks or similar spacing material.)
  2. Lightly work anchor holes 16’’ apart around perimeter of Stove Board. Locate one anchor in each corner. Do not place any anchors directly behind heating unit.
  3. Place wall Stove Board in position and drill 1/4” holes at marked locations around perimeter of shield, drilling at least 1” into the wall at the same time.
  4. Remove Stove Board and insert wall anchors into each hole.
  5. Re-position Stove Board and align holes.
  6. Insert screws through Stove Board, aluminum spacers and into wall anchor. Do all four corners first. Do not tighten screws securely until all screws are in place.
  7. When all screws in place, tighten the four corner screws first, then the rest.
  8. Remove supports indicated in Step 1.


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Wall Shield Spacing Kit

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