Stove Board - Type 1

  • Allows stove to be installed closer to wall
  • Steel over mineral board for excellent protection
  • Modular design for multiple board installation
  • Can be used with a Stove Board Spacer Kit to protect walls from heat, reducing the clearance between the appliance and combustible materials by as much as 67% to a minimum of 12”
  • May also be used under other heating appliances such as kerosene, gas, and electric heaters
  • Their embossed pebble-finish steel is scratch resistant
  • For indoor use only
  • UL and ULC Certified

Type 1 Thermal Resistivity:

EMBER PROTECTOR – for appliances not requiring thermal protection of the combustible floor during normal operation.

Stove Board - Type 1
Stove Board - Type 1
Stove Board - Type 1
Stove Board - Type 1
Stove Board - Type 1
Stove Board - Type 1
Stove Board - Type 1

Ideal for use with appliances that require only ember protection, Imperial Board Type 1 stove boards are UL 1618 listed to protect floors and walls from ashes, embers and soot produced by pellet and wood stoves. It is constructed with durable steel-covered Class A mineral board that is 3/8-in thick and features a slate finish with an embossed pebbled surface for an attractive look and lasting performance. The non-combustible Type 1 stove board, classified as an Ember Protector, has a modular design that allows you to install multiple boards to suit different appliances and can be used with electric heaters, kerosene, gas and other heating appliances. A stove board spacer kit is available for wall-mounting the board, reducing clearance between combustible materials and the appliance by as much as 67% to a minimum clearance of 12-in (kit sold separately). Before installing, refer to the stove manufacturer's manual, installation instructions, and local building codes for specific thermal resistance and clearance requirements.


Item No.Description
BM012718" x 48" BLACK PBL Stove Board
BM0128RC36" x 48" BLACK PBL Stove Board
BM0129RC28" x 32" BLACK PBL Stove Board
BM0130RC32" x 42" BLACK PBL Stove Board
BM0131RC36" x 52" BLACK PBL Stove Board
BM0206RC46" x 48" BLACK PBL Stove Board
BM0211RC40" x 48" BLACK PBL Stove Board
BM0251RC46" x 52" BLACK PBL Stove Board
BM0308RC40" x 50" BLACK PBL Stove Board

Item No.

BM0384RC32" x 42" SLATE DSGN Stove Board
BM0385RC36" x 52" SLATE DSGN Stove Board

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