Stove Board Joiner Kit

  • For floor application
  • Use with Imperial Stove Boards

This package contains:

  • 2 "A" clips
  • 2 metal strips
  • adhesive tape strips
Stove Board Joiner Kit


Place stove boards to be joined metal face down on a flat surface.

Insert the "A" clip into the metal edges of seam on both sides.

Insert metal strip into the metal clips as shown. The stove boards are now ready to be placed in location.


NOTE: If side being joined is over 28" (71.1 cm) wide, follow steps (1) to (3) using both flat strips in kit and overlap the strips.
Remove the backing from the adhesive tape in the kit and adhere the two metal strips together.


Item No.Description
BM0126-AStove Board Joiner Kit

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