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Short Reducer

  • Used to reduce diameter of galvanized round perimeter pipe.
  • Crimped on small end.
Short Reducer
Short Reducer
Short Reducer
Short Reducer


Item No.Description
GV08084" to 3" Reducer 30ga
GV08105" to 4" Reducer 30ga
GV08116" to 4" Reducer 30ga
GV08126"to 5" Reducer 30ga
Item No.Description
GV13654" to 3" Reducer 28ga
GV13446" to 4" Reducer 28ga
GV13456" to 5" Reducer 28ga
GV08157" to 5" Reducer 28ga
GV08167" to 6" Reducer 28ga
GV08218" to 6" Reducer 28ga
GV08228" to 7" Reducer 28ga
GV08249" to 7" Reducer 28ga
GV08259" to 8"Reducer 28ga
GV083010" to 8" Reducer 28ga
Item No.Description
GV17485" to 3" Reducer 26ga
GV17496" to 3" Reducer 26ga
GV17507" to 5" Reducer 26ga
GV083614" to 12" Reducer 26ga
Item No.Description
GV14154" to 3"Reducer 24ga
GV14165" to 4"Reducer 24ga
GV14176" to 4"Reducer 24ga
GV13496" to 5" Reducer 24ga
GV13507" to 6" Reducer 24ga
GV13518" to 6" Reducer 24ga
GV13528" to 7" Reducer 24ga
GV135310" to 8" Reducer 24ga

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