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Increaser/Reducer - No Crimp

  • Used to reduce or increase diameter of galvanized round perimeter pipe.
  • No crimp.
Increaser/Reducer - No Crimp
Increaser/Reducer - No Crimp
Increaser/Reducer - No Crimp
Increaser/Reducer - No Crimp


Item No.Description
GV07794" to 3" Increaser/Reducer 30ga
GV07805" to 3" Increaser/Reducer 30ga
GV07815" to 4" Increaser/Reducer 30ga
GV11066" to 3" Increaser/Reducer 30ga
GV07826" to 4" Increaser/Reducer 30ga
GV07846" to 5" Increaser/Reducer 30ga
Item No.Description
GV20026" to 3" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV19226" to 5" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV07857" to 4" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV07867" to 5" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV07877" to 6" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV07918" to 6" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV07928" to 7" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV07959" to 8" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV124510" to 6" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV079910" to 8" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV080010" to 9" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV080112" to 6" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV080212" to 8" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV080312" to 10" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
GV080614" to 12" Increaser/Reducer 28ga
Item No.Description
GV11964" to 3" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV11975" to 3" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV11985" to 4" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV11996" to 4" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV12006" to 5" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV12017" to 5" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV12027" to 6" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV12688" to 5" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV07908" to 6" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV12048" to 7" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV12699" to 6" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV12039" to 8" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV079810" to 8" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
GV142112" to 10" Increaser/Reducer 26ga
Item No.Description
GV20264" to 6" Offset Increaser

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