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Duct Riser

  • Used as a trunk duct transition to elevate a duct run to minimize the air friction and turbulence within the system.
  • Designed with a 6" rise.
Duct Riser



Item No.Description
GV01128" x 10" Duct Riser 30ga
GV01138" x 12" Duct Riser 30ga
GV01148" x 14" Duct Riser 30ga
GV01158" x 16" Duct Riser 30ga


Item No.Description
GV01168" x 18" Duct Riser 28ga
GV01178" x 20" Duct Riser 28ga
GV01198" x 24" Duct Riser 28ga

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