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Classica Plus

Aluminum railing system
  • Premium aluminum construction
  • Choose from a variety of style, color, size and accessory options, including glass panels.
  • Requires basic assembly.
  • Attaches via post brackets.
  • Engineered to last
  • Maintenance-free

Classica Plus


Download detailed instructions | View installation videos

42” railings are required for 2nd and 3rd floor installations. Please verify with local building codes. Engineering & testing documentation available upon request.

1. Mount posts and brackets following installation instructions
2. Cut and attach rails
3. Snap spindles into place

Ideal for the value-minded do-it-yourselfer



Item No.Description
R503645White Classica PLUS Railing 45.5"x36"
R503659White Classica PLUS Railing 59"x36"
R503672White Classica PLUS Railing 72"x36"
R504245White Classica PLUS Railing 45.5"x42"
R504259White Classica PLUS Railing 59"x42"
R504272White Classica PLUS Railing 72"x42"


Item No.Description
A503622Gate, 36"x42" wide, Classica Plus, White 2" post
A504222Gate, 42"x42" wide, Classica Plus, White 2" post
A50360042" L. Gate, Classica Plus White 36" H. 3" post
A50420042" L. Gate Classic Plus White 42" H. 3"post


Item No.Description
P203722Mounting Post 2" white 37 1/2"
P204022Stair Post 2" white 40 1/2"
P204322Mounting Post 2" white 43 1/2"
P204622Stair Post 2" white 46 1/2"
P303733Mount Post 3" White 37 1/2"
P304033Stair Post 3" White 40 1/2"
P304333Mount Post 3" White 43 1/2"
P304633Stair Post 3" White 46 1/2"
P3049333" x 3" x 49 1/2" Mounting Post White


Item No.Description
R573645Classica PLUS Railing 45.5"x36" Charcoal Grey
R573659Classica PLUS Railing 59"x36" Charcoal Grey
R573672Classica PLUS Railing 72"x36" Charcoal Grey
R574245Classica PLUS Railing 45.5"x42" Charcoal Grey
R574259Classica PLUS Railing 59"x42" Charcoal Grey
R574272Classica PLUS Railing 72.5"x42" Charcoal Grey


Item No.Description
A573622Gate, 36"x42" wide, Classica Plus, Charcoal Grey 2" post
A574222Gate, 42"x42" wide, Classica Plus, Charcoal Grey 2" post
A573633Gate, 36"x42" wide, Classica Plus, Charcoal Grey 3" post
A574233Gate, 42"x42" wide, Classica Plus, Charcoal Grey 3" post


Item No.Description
P373733Mount Post 3" Charcoal Grey 37 1/2"
P374033Stair Post 3" Charcoal Grey 40 1/2"
P374333Mount. Post 3" Charcoal Grey 43 1/2"
P374633Stair Post 3" Charcoal Grey 46 1/2"

Spindle Fittings and Peg legs

Item No.Description
A000006Spindle Fit /37 1/4 Railing (2) White
A070001Spindle Fit /37 1/4 Railing (2) Charcoal Grey

Post caps and base covers

Item No.Description
KD0221Post Cap 2" x 2" White
KD0224Base Cover 2" x 2" White
C000303Post Cap 3" x 3" White
A300303Base Cover 3" x 3" White
KR80293" x 3" Post Cap Charcoal Grey
KR81203" x 3" Base Cover Charcoal Grey

Ball Caps

Item No.Description
A000008Ball Cap, 3" Post, Aluminum, White.
A000031Ball Cap, 3" Post, Aluminum, Charcoal Grey

Touch up Paint

Item No.Description
KR0127Spray Paint,White (Koolray)
KR8053Spray Paint,Charcoal Grey (Koolray)

Railing Clips

Item No.Description
EXW0029Clips White 1 1/4" X 45 9/16"
EXW0032Clips White 1 1/4" X 59 1/16"
EXW0144Clips White 1 1/4" X 72 9/16"

Aluminum Angular Adapter

Item No.Description
A000002Angular Adapter White
A070002Angular Adapter Charcoal Grey

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