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Recessed Column

Aluminum Columns

The Imperial square recessed aluminum column offers elegant features that are combined with strong geometric lines adding a touch of visual chic. This classic Imperial aluminum column compliments a variety of architectural designs including craftsman, federal and shaker.

  • Use as a structural support or decorative accent
  • Can be used to cover existing columns
  • Premium aluminum construction
  • Simple to install
  • Maintenance-free
  • Engineered to last
  • Suitable for homeowners and building professionals
  • Available via special order at selected Canadian retailers
Recessed Column

Bring the classic elegance of Kool-Ray columns to your home

Column Load Bearing Installation VideoDecorative Column Installation Video


Item No.Description
K3008887.25"x96" Recessed Square Column White
K3009887.25"x108" Recessed Square Column White
K3010887.25"x120" Recessed Square Column White
K3012887.25"x144" Recessed Square Column White
Item No.Description
K3509887.25"x108" Recessed Square Column Black
K3512887.25"x144" Recessed Square Column Black
Item No.Description
K300888-CB7.25"x96" Recessed Square Col. Commercial Brown
K300988-CB7.25"x108" Recessed Square Col. Commercial Brown
K301088-CB7.25"x120" Recessed Square Col. Commercial Brown

7.25"x144" Recessed Square Col. Commercial Brown

Item No.Description


7.25"x96" Recessed Square Column Charcoal Grey
K300988-CG7.25"x108" Recessed Square Column Charcoal Grey
K301088-CG7.25"x120" Recessed Square Column Charcoal Grey
K301288-CG7.25"x144" Recessed Square Column Charcoal Grey
Item No.Description
K300888-CL7.25"x96" Recessed Square Column Clay
K300988-CL7.25"x108" Recessed Square Column Clay
K301088-CL7.25"x120" Recessed Square Column Clay
K301288-CL7.25"x144" Recessed Square Column Clay
Item No.Description
K300888-WB7.25"x96" Recessed Square Column Warm Beige
K300988-WB7.25"x108" Recessed Square Column Warm Beige
K301088-WB7.25"x120" Recessed Square Column Warm Beige
K301288-WB7.25"x144" Recessed Square Column Warm Beige


Item No.Description
K3004887.25" Aluminum Top & Base White for Recessed Col
K3504887.25" Aluminum Top & Base Black for Recessed Col
K300488-CB7.25" Aluminum Top & Base Commercial Brown for Recessed Col
K300488-CG7.25" Aluminum Top & Base Charcoal Grey for Recessed Col
K300488-CL7.25" Aluminum Top & Base Clay for Recessed Col
K300488-WB7.25" Aluminum Top & Base Warm Beige for Recessed Col


Item No.Description
A702725R7.25" Aluminum Laying Plate Square for Recessed Col
A000007Universal Post/Column Gasket Separator

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