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    Chimney Caps

    Reduces wind induced downdrafts and prevents rain, snow, birds or other small animals from entering your chimney.

    Universal Aluminum Chimney Cap BM0173
    Universal Aluminum Chimney Cap BM0173
    • Adjustable from 6” to 12” (152mm to 305mm) inside measurement
    • Fits square, rectangular or round chimneys
    • For use with all brick, concrete and masonry chimneys
    • Prevents rain, snow, birds or other small animals from entering your chimney
    • Reduces downdrafts
    • Protects roof from sparks
    Premium Bolt-on Chimney Cap
    Premium Bolt-on Chimney Cap
    • Reduces wind induced downdrafts
    • Prevents rain, snow, birds or other small animals from entering your chimney
    • Durable, black matt satin coat finish
    • BM0377    8" x 8" Chimney Cap / Bolt-om
    • BM0378    8" x 12" Chimney Cap / Bolt-on
    • BM0379    10" x 10" Chimney Cap / Bolt-on
    • BM0380    12" x 12" Chimney Cap / Bolt-on


    Chimney Caps
    • Universal Aluminum Chimney Cap BM0173
    • Premium Bolt-on Chimney Cap
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