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Model PE - Professional (ERV)

PE 7.15 & PE 10.22

Model PE - Professional (ERV)

Engineered motors

All Imperial products are designed with high performance, reliable and maintenance free motors for your comfort and peace of mind. 


ISF™ 6" diameter collar system

Quick and simple to install thanks to our revolutionary "Insert Slide and Fix" collar system. The "ISF" collar system by Greentek enables you to manipulate duct within your reach and then insert the collar to the HRV/ERV by sliding it in place, for a better and quicker installation.

 DuoTrol™ balancing system

Silent and economical. By reducing motor speed to balance the unit, you avoid the noise that would be produced by balancing dampers. In addition, with this technology the unit will consume less energy.

SPM™ attachment system

The entire line of Greentek HRV/ERV products is designed for installation by a single person. Single Person Mounting will enable you to save time and effort by offering you a variable attachment system and maximizing your basement space.


 Push Through operation system dPoint ERV Core

Outside air is pushed through the heat exchanger, which acts as a sound attenuator. This process is very silent and provides you with better home comfort. The Imperial line of ERV's featuring the dpoint ERV core improves indoor air quality for residential buildings through the use of a unique and robust polymer membrane featuring Microban™antimicrobial product protection. 



Proportional Defrost operation system

The defrost energy is controlled by the outdoor air temperature. The motor speed essentially increases as temperature drops to provide increased defrost capacity. For instance, at -5°C the defrost mode will function at low speed. This technology reduces energy usage by eliminating unnecessary defrost energy during milder days and offers a more silent operation.










PE 7.15: 30 to 160
PE 10.22: 50 to 220

PE 7.15: cCSAus
PE 10.22: cCSAus



Operating Modes
Intermittent, Continuous Ventilation




10 Year Limited on ventilation motors

Lifetime Limited on the heat recovery core

5 Year Limited on all other components


Ventilation HRV/ERV
• Model XPH - ENERGY STAR® Rated Heat Recovery Ventilator
• Model PH - Professional (HRV)
• Model PE - Professional (ERV)
• Model SS 3.80 (HRV)
• Model SS 3.80 (ERV)
Engineering Data PE10.22 (ERV) Engineering Data PE10.22 (ERV) 0.82 MB
Engineering Data PE7.15 (ERV) Engineering Data PE7.15 (ERV) 0.82 MB
Home Owners Guide Home Owners Guide 3.23 MB
Installation Guide 100241 (English/Français) Installation Guide 100241 (English/Français) 5.47 MB
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