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Timberlite Fire Starter Squares
Timberlite Fire Starter Squares


KK0312   24 squares - 363 g (.8 lb. Net.)
KK0313   144 squres - 2.18 kg (4.8 lb. Net.)


Timber-Lite Fire Starter Squares exceed California Air Quality Standards and comply with South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1174ref. C14.


  • Easy to light fire starter squares burn up to 10 minutes
  • Suitable for fireplaces, woodstoves, charcoal grills or campfires
  • No toxic fumes 
  • Safe alternative to liquid and gel fire starters 
  • Ideal for igniting fires, even on windy
    and wet days
  • Convenient and lightweight survival aid


Timber-Lite Fire Starter Squares are conveniently scored. Just break-off one or more pieces and place them at the base of the fuel to be ignited. A quick and easy start to every fire. 

Ingniting instructions:

Wood fires: Place two or more Timber-Lite squares under several pieces of firewood. Use a match to ignite the edge of the squares. No kindling required.

Charcoal fires: Place three or more Timber-Lite squares in the charcoal grill. Place charcoal around and on top of fire starter making sure there is adequate airflow above and below the squares. Use a match to ignite the edge of the squares. Will not flavor food.

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